Aerospace Programs

HeliSAS Autopilot & Stability Augmentation

In the event that a pilot loses visual reference due to limited visibility, releasing the cyclic causes the helicopter to automatically recover to a near-level attitude.

  • Flight qualified equipment.
  • Fail-safe architecture.
  • F O Engineering designed and full production.
  • Built-in IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit).
  • Dual processor controls & monitors system reliability.
  • DO-178B Level A software quality certified.

Space Ship Two – Analog Horizontal Stabilizer Controller

  • F O Engineering provides complete shipset:
    – Primary Analog Controller (2 Each)
    – Secondary Analog Controller (2 Each)
  • Units control vehicle roll, pitch and roll boost/trim.
  • Build to print units.
  • F O Engineering is controller design authority.
  • Re-engineering required for hardware obsolescence.

Stratolaunch Actuation Subsystems

  • Subsystems included:
    – Nose and Main landing gear steering
    – Landing gear extension and retraction
    – Pilot and co-pilot electric braking
  • Hardware included:
    – Command Distribution Unit (CDU)
    – Common Actuation Module (CAM)
    – Rotary Electromechanical Actuator (EMA)
  • F O Engineering developed all architecture
  • F O Engineering designed all hardware and firmware
  • F O Engineering is the primary subsystems integrator
  • DO-178B Level B processes were followed for software verification
  • RTCA DO-160E certified hardware

DP-12 Rhino Next Generation Actuator and Actuator Controls

  • Main Rotor and Throttle controls for the DP-12
  • F O Engineering provided key actuator design input:
    • Sizing and optimization of Motor and Gear Train
    • All control law and performance analysis
  • High performance digital controller
    • Unique PCBA integrated position sensor
    • RS-485 and RC PWM Command options

Falcon 900 Airbrakes 2 Inhibit Controller


Designed for Falcon 900 commercial AC

  • Inhibits 2nd speed brakes above 320 knots
  • Protects against wing overloading associated with the addition of a winglet kit

DO-160F Qualified to combination of external and internal environment

DO-178B, level C Software Certified

  • All of the Software Certification effort was accomplished by F O Engineering
  • Effort was actually to Level B because of independent coding and testing resources

Bell 429 Landing Gear Controls

  • Cockpit control panel, LG Actuator Controllers
  • Fully qualified and certified by Transport Canada
  • Single board designs, volumetric efficiency
  • Success of this system is now leveraged into other landing gear designs