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F O Engineering has a strong background in designing and developing products and systems for the Aerospace industry. Products range from simple analog electromechanical actuator controls to high performance, redundant digital based system controls. All products are designed to withstand the harsh environments typical of Aerospace ground and flight applications, such as temperature, vibration, power conditions, EMI/EMC, etc.


F O Engineering’s extensive experience in system design and control electronics allows a one-stop-shop for electromechanical systems from concept through design, integration and production. Whether it’s a self-contained miniature motor controller or a large and complex system design, F O Engineering can help solve your problems.


HeliSAS Autopilot & Stability Augmentation

​If a pilot loses visual reference due to limited visibility, releasing the cyclic causes the helicopter to automatically recover to a near-level attitude.

  • Flight qualified equipment.

  • Fail-safe architecture.

  • F O Engineering designed and full production.

  • Built-in IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit).

  • Dual processor controls & monitors system reliability.

  • DO-178B Level A software quality certified.


Space Ship Two – Analog Horizontal Stabilizer Controller

  • F O Engineering provides complete shipset:

    • Primary Analog Controller (2 Each)

    • Secondary Analog Controller (2 Each)

  • Units control vehicle roll, pitch and roll boost/trim.

  • Build to print units.

  • F O Engineering is controller design authority.

  • Re-engineering required for hardware obsolescence.

Stratolaunch Actuation Subsystems

  • Subsystems included:

    • Nose and Main landing gear steering

    • Landing gear extension and retraction

    • Pilot and co-pilot electric braking

  • Hardware included:

    • Command Distribution Unit (CDU)

    • Common Actuation Module (CAM)

    • Rotary Electromechanical Actuator (EMA)

  • F O Engineering developed all architecture

  • F O Engineering designed all hardware and firmware

  • F O Engineering is the primary subsystems integrator

  • DO-178B Level B processes were followed for software verification

  • RTCA DO-160E certified hardware


DP-12 Rhino Next Generation Actuator and Actuator Controls

  • Main Rotor and Throttle controls for the DP-12

  • F O Engineering provided key actuator design input:

    • Sizing and optimization of Motor and Gear Train

    • All control law and performance analysis

  • High-performance digital controller

    • Unique PCBA integrated position sensor

    • RS-485 and RC PWM Command options

Falcon 900 Airbrakes 2 Inhibit Controller

  • Designed for Falcon 900 commercial AC

    • Inhibits 2nd speed brakes above 320 knots

    • Protects against wing overloading associated with the addition of a winglet kit


  • DO-160F Qualified to combination of external and internal environment

  • DO-178B, level C Software Certified

    • All of the Software Certification effort was accomplished by F O Engineering

    • Effort was actually to Level B because of independent coding and testing resources


Bell 429 Landing Gear Controls

  • Cockpit control panel, LG Actuator Controllers

  • Fully qualified and certified by Transport Canada

  • Single board designs, volumetric efficiency

  • Success of this system is now leveraged into other landing gear designs

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