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Fast Optimal Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Systems Integration

About us

F O Engineering has a strong track record of designing Fast and Optimal control systems for the defense, aerospace, and industrial markets. Our products encompass a broad range of technologies including high performance and reliable digital designs. Our engineers can satisfy hard-to-meet requirements ranging from compact design and unique environmental conditions to complex applications and challenging price points.


We maintain an ISO9001 and AS9100-certified design and production facility in Santa Clarita, California. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our engineering capabilities.

Our sister company Federal Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures:

  • Aerial Refueling Digital Hydraulic Actuation system components

  • Fuel, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic flow controls

  • Various products licensed by major U.S. Aerospace companies



​F O Engineering offers a complete engineering and manufacturing service, from initial design concepts through detail design and into production. F O Engineering’s unique ability to provide simple, elegant and cost effective solutions to complex problems, in a wide variety of disciplines, makes us a resource you can count on to design and manufacture your new product, or improve a product already in production.



Our Quality Management System has been certified by a third-party independent certification body – Intertek – confirming that our QMS complies with the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 – Revision D Standards.


We will continually improve our business practices to achieve our mission of providing Fast and Optimal development, production, and product support that meet our customers’ requirements.


  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Improve on-time delivery of product and service.

  • Improve turn-around time on repairs and upgrades.

  • Improve quality in products delivered.

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